Monday, June 27, 2005

Africa Calling - Live8 - Hosted at the Eden Project

BRITISH ASIANS MOTIVATE FOR G8, Live8 and Africa calling

By Ashanti OMkar

A month ahead of the G8 Summit and the Live 8 concert in Hyde Park, hundreds of Londoners will attend a massive event dedicated to motivating people to take action on July 2.

This will be the first mass anti-poverty event in London since Nelson Mandela launched the campaign, addressing 22,000 people in Trafalgar Square.

The event, 'Motivate London for G8', has been organised by members of the MakePovertyHistory coalition and will feature live debate from key campaigners and spokespeople from Bangladesh, performances by Radio 1 DJ Bobby Friction, DJ Eric Soul as well as sitar and tabla players from the Bharathya Vidya Bhavan (Institute of Indian Art and Culture) who will headline.

From London to Liverpool people have recognised 2005 as a crucial year in the fight against poverty. As host of the G8 summit, Tony Blair will meet other world leaders and it is vital that people take action and send the all-powerful message that they are demanding justice for millions living in extreme poverty.

More than 2.5 million people calling on the prime minister to act have bought a white wristband as a symbol of their commitment to making poverty history. This event aims to encourage Londoners to take the next step and to take action around the G8 either by travelling up to Edinburgh, attending the Live 8 concert in Hyde Park or by showing solidarity with the campaign on White Band Day (July 1st).

DJ Bobby Friction who will perform on the night said: "The Make Poverty History campaign is not about charity, it's about the power of people willing to express concern for the plight of thousands who live in extreme poverty across the developing world. Around a billion people live on less than 65p a day. It's up to 'our' generation living in 'our' time to change that forever. We have the power to come together and towards the right target."

Danisha Kazi, MakePovertyHistory campaigner, added: "In just one month the eyes of the world will focus on the Edinburgh rally on July 2. At the G8 summit, leaders of the world richest countries will have the power to end poverty and ensure positive action on trade, aid and debt. Each and every voice calling for change will be crucial support. This
event is a chance for all Londoners find out how they can make their voice heard."

Africa Calling is the alternative Live8 Event which truly represents Africa, happening at Eden project, it includes many top musicians from Africa, all of whom were sadly missed out on the Live8 line up. This is happening in parallel on 2nd July, in Cornwall at the eco-friendly location, in conjunction with its co-founder Peter Gabriel, Top Senegalese musician Youssou N'Dour and WOMAD. An amazing host of musicians are gathering for this event, including singer Angelique Kidjo, African award winning Hop Hop band, Daara J, the amazing dance troupe Frititi and many more.

See and and the Eden Project Live8 Africa calling - for more details


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